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We’ve recently started to carry more dress-up clothing at Poppy under the banner of “Poppy Party” and as a consequence it’s gotten me thinking about what it means to dress up and why we do it. This past holiday season my daughter and I watched a movie from the 40’s late one night while we were wrapping gifts by the fire. I love old movies …

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Poppy Boutique’s tag line is “original, unique, fun” women’s fashion. Why did I choose that description? Because in my book—whether it’s describing fashion, a favorite vacation, or even a favorite person, those are the qualities I look for, the qualities that draw me to the experience or person or style. I’m always thrilled when a first time customer walks through the boutique and then ends …

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Wonderful Array of Women’s Fashion Choices Available at Poppy Boutique in Pennington

FASHION FRIENDLY: “You can find a complete wardrobe here. Things at the casual end, with jeans and tops, but also dressy items for the holidays. Basically, it’s comfortable, wearable clothing.” Janice Mintz, owner of Poppy Boutique in Pennington, looks forward to introducing everyone to her new women’s boutique.   A love of fashion runs in the family of Janice Mintz, owner of Poppy Boutique in …

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