Poppy Boutique’s tag line is “original, unique, fun” women’s fashion. Why did I choose that description? Because in my book—whether it’s describing fashion, a favorite vacation, or even a favorite person, those are the qualities I look for, the qualities that draw me to the experience or person or style.

I’m always thrilled when a first time customer walks through the boutique and then ends up at my desk to tell me that our collection is so “different.” I work really hard to make sure what we offer IS different in the best ways possible—great fit, good fabric, well made, affordable, and always, always original, unique and fun!

So what goes into putting this kind of selection together and how can you put together your very own original, unique fun outfits from the clothes that are in your closet right now? I find it’s easier to do “different” if you understand right off the bat that different doesn’t mean zany or wacky. You’re not putting together a costume. So I often start with a basic foundation item of clothing. A favorite jean is always a great place to start. Right from the get go you are feeling confident if you have that perfect jean on. Then I spend time thinking about what I’ll be doing that day—am I heading to a city? Is it date night or date afternoon? Is it a day that will morph into an evening event with no time to change? Giving just a few minutes to thinking about what and where you’ll be wearing your outfit pays dividends. I also take stock of how I’m feeling that day-do I need a burst of color or is it a black turtleneck with a fabulous belt, big earring and statement pair of boots kind of day? Think before you dress!

A few other tips for “unique” dressing are to look for unexpected colors, try options that allow you to layer pieces, and always look to your accessories collection-scarves, belts, earrings, necklaces, bags and shoes. I have an amazing bag from Portugal that is basically a sculpture in wool in a bright marigold yellow accented with gray and cream. When I carry this bag no matter what I’m wearing, it’s the star of the show. A savvy customer bought an army green animal print tote this holiday season and had it monogrammed with bright red stitching. There’s no question that that bag was original, unique and fun to her! We have some truly great pieces coming for the Spring 2019 season including an amazing tortoiseshell handbag and our adorable hedgehog scarf.

And while we will always strive to make sure our collection hits all three of our criteria-original, unique and fun, we always prioritize the FUN aspect because what’s fashion all about if it’s not fun and it doesn’t make you happy?!

Xo Janice

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