Wonderful Array of Women’s Fashion Choices Available at Poppy Boutique in Pennington

FASHION FRIENDLY: “You can find a complete wardrobe here. Things at the casual end, with jeans and tops, but also dressy items for the holidays. Basically, it’s comfortable, wearable clothing.” Janice Mintz, owner of Poppy Boutique in Pennington, looks forward to introducing everyone to her new women’s boutique.


A love of fashion runs in the family of Janice Mintz, owner of Poppy Boutique in Pennington.

“My grandmother was a seamstress, my mother loved fashion, and my brother became a fashion designer,” explains Ms. Mintz. “And I have always loved fashion, from the time I was a girl.”

Before she decided to focus on fashion as a career, however, Ms. Mintz took a different route. Becoming an environmental lawyer, she practiced in Philadelphia. Then she made another change, choosing to stay at home with her children for 12 years.

Instead of returning to law, Ms. Mintz looked to her first love, and decided to open a women’s boutique. “I thought I’d dip my toe in the water, and a year and a half ago, I started with a pop-up in different places in Pennington, including at Pixie Hair Salon at 23 West Delaware Avenue.”

Great Synergy

Her selection was met with great enthusiasm from customers, encouraging her to establish a presence at a permanent location. She decided on a cozy spot in the back of Pixie Salon.

“I love being here at the salon. There’s a great synergy,” says Ms. Mintz. “It’s a wonderful setting for me, and the customers can enjoy both the salon and the boutique.”

She also selected the name “Poppy” for a special reason. “I wanted something that conveys happiness. Poppy means flowers, and is cheerful and bright.”

Indeed, both the salon’s ambiance and the items within reflect the appellation. The selection offers a variety of choices, including dresses, sweaters, skirts, tops of all kinds, jeans, some outerwear, lots of scarves, selected jewelry, and handbags.

“Our signature is a fresh collection of unique original fun fashion each season with a focus on comfort and affordability,” explains Ms. Mintz. “We love working with our customers to make sure they find just the right piece to help them look fabulous and feel happy.

“I put my collection together, focusing on a seasonal approach — fall, holiday, and spring and summer. With the accessories, I try to offer things that will go with the collection.”

Fashion Taste

Ms. Mintz’s customers range in age from 20 to 80-plus, she adds, and they are all finding something to suit their fashion taste. As she says, “The customers enjoy coming in. It’s a unique little space, and they can have a different experience here.”

“I started out slowly,” she continues. “I’m new to the business, and I wanted to make sure I was learning what the customers’ tastes are. Basically, I’m buying things I like, and I’m getting to know what my clientele likes. I try hard to offer things that you won’t find in other places.”

Among customer favorites are the sweaters. All kinds are on display, from long tunic styles and loose weaves to fun designs with colorful pom-poms. The sweater lines from Wooden Ships and 525 America are especially popular, says Ms. Mintz. “Sweaters are big favorites now, especially with colder weather coming. We have lots of great choices.”

Another important focus is the selection of dresses, a number with a holiday motif. “My dresses are a specialty,” reports Ms. Mintz. “I’m a ‘dresses person,’ and we have many styles and choices. People always love gray and black, and now they are gravitating to red and burgundy for the holidays. Also, velvet is very big now.”

A lovely burgundy velvet dress is a highlight, as is a black lace dress with scalloped hem and underskirt, perfect choices for all the upcoming festivities.

The variety of tops, blouses, and skirts is another specialty. “You can mix and match different fabrics and styles together,” points out Ms. Mintz. “For example a black chiffon skirt with a gray sweater is a great look with a necklace and boots. A gold lamé pleated skirt is wonderful with a black top, and a short-sleeved gold sweater with glitter is perfect with black pants or long black skirt.

Bit of Glamour

“There is also a fabulous ‘electric’ metallic bright blue trench-style jacket, which you can wear with black pants to the theater or a party. It’s definitely a stunning bit of glamour, and will be sure to be noticed!”

Another intriguing choice is a black knit top with glitter and a gray knit top with burgundy velvet embellishment, again perfect for completing the fashion statement with dressy pants or long skirt.

Plaid is a major attraction at Poppy, and it is displayed in many formats. “Plaid is crazy ‘in’,” says Ms. Mintz. It is available in shirts, including flannel, ponchos, and even small clutch handbags. Offered in all color combinations, plaid is guaranteed to add color and zest throughout the winter months.

Scarves are available in all sizes, styles, and colors, including the popular “infinity” or loop version. The selection of jewelry focuses on Italian lucite necklaces in chunky and dramatic styles, and these are very popular.

Also on display is a variety of small clutch handbags — a great gift for someone special or for yourself, In addition, a fun novelty is a key ring, accented with a large furry pop-pom, which attaches easily to a handbag.

The price range generally is $40 to $150, with scarves from $25. Also, with every purchase, customers are offered a small gift. As Ms. Mintz says, “I have a ‘goodie bowl,’ and they can pick out a little nail polish or lip gloss — just a small remembrance and a thank you.”

Unique Offerings

“I have tried to keep things affordable,” she adds, and the customers appreciate that. I am very encouraged. All ages are coming in, and there are lots of repeats. We have more customers this year than last year.”

A Hopewell client has become a regular, and she enjoys both the ambiance and the selection at Poppy. “I love the unique offerings that you don’t find anywhere else and the warm atmosphere. And they have a friendly price point.”

Ms. Mintz looks forward to more customers enjoying the Poppy Boutique selection, and she is pleased to offer fashion advice, if shoppers wish to have help completing their fashion look.

“I’m a one-woman operation,” she notes. “I do everything myself. I hand-iron every item and tag everything. I love the creative side, but I handle the business end, too. I think of the boutique as organic and intuitive. I’ve purposely gone slowly, and it is still evolving.

“I especially love it when the new selection comes in, and I’m surrounded by all the boxes — it’s like Christmas! I look forward to every new season, and I get excited about putting together the new season’s collection and bringing it to customers. I try hard to make it delightful, and I really love to see people leaving here happy!”

Poppy Boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday. (609) 577-9462. Website: www.poppystylenj.com. Call for hours.

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