My Favorite Accessory

The right accent piece can make an outfit

I spent a large part of last night watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the White House State Dinner honoring the Italian Prime Minister. I’ll admit it-I watch for the fashion, and because I spent a long time working in the political world, going to a White House dinner is on my bucket list. C-SPAN coverage is great because most of it is without commentary so you can eavesdrop or just do your own! Here’s what I noticed last night–

Most couples don’t know how to make a formal entrance, politics has a fair number of fashion-challenged folks, strapless dresses can be worn well by very few women and…
the smile on a person’s face is their very best accessory! Really.

I’m a fashion-obsessed person with a pretty critical eye for what works and what doesn’t. But as I watched person after person enter the receiving hall– no matter what they were wearing or how well they wore it– the genuine smile that lit up their face transformed them.

I love to accessorize and I believe the right accent pieces can make an outfit. I spend a fair amount of time choosing what I think is just the right scarf, necklace, bracelets, bag and belt. And though I’ve heard the cliche before about your smile being the last and best thing you put on before you walk out the door, I never really saw it in action until watching that dinner last night. I’m a believer now.

So by all means take as much time as you want putting your outfit together with all the perfect finishing touches –but don’t forget that smile–it doesn’t cost anything and has the power to change everything.

Xo Janice

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