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On the road to NYC

Today Poppy is on the road to NYC for the first fall show.  But what to wear, or not wear?  Well, it’s the dead of summer and it’s a fall fashion show and it’s NYC but damn it’s a lot of walking too!  Sooooo, time to scour the closet. White? Black? Long? Short? Sleeveless? Color? Sneakers? Flats? You need to try and hit the sweet spot when stocking a boutique for the next season in the dead of the current one.

Rumor has it that the skinny jean is dead so the white skinny is out.  Grrrrr.  Palazzo?  Just too much for me for a daytime schlepp on the train.  So, gonna go with the white eyelet wide-legged crop.  Whew- good thing I bought them like 48 hours ago on the super sale rack!  16 try-on options later I decide on – ta da!—a black sleeveless t-shirt.  It’s not a great weather day and the air conditioning in August everywhere is beyond freezing, so I plop a very pale nude summer sweater over my shoulders, go with silver sparkly Van sneakers and the silver slouchy bag my hubby bought me for Christmas, all silver jewelry, and I’m finally good to go!

Why am I sharing this little tale?

Because I want you to know the next time you see me in the boutique or on the street or in the grocery store or hauling my trash cans up my driveway and you say something incredibly nice about how much you like my outfit know that I wake up everyday just as perplexed as you are about what to wear! We all do.  But I love what I do and I love helping my lovely Poppy clientele find the perfect outfit—the one they can walk out the door wearing that checks all the boxes for them—style, comfort, a bit of the unexpected and, most of all, an outfit that makes them happy!

Looking forward to bringing you the fall collection and sharing more Poppy stories with you soon!

Xo Janice

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